Indigo Attributes

Below is a general list of attributes channeled in from Universal Consciousness of Light and Love for Indigos:

1. Heart centered when young.

2. Care about others more than they care about themselves.

3. Wise beyond their years.

4. May feel that Earth is not home.

5. Have insights about things they shouldn’t   have a clue about; such as deceased people, future events, past lives, etc.

6. Have an inner knowing that may be seen as arrogance and pompous by the general population of non-Indigos.

7. Have imaginary friends, see angels, deceased people.

8. Talk to their pets like they would talk to humans.

9. Tend to hang out with nature and pets more than people.

10. Crave nature. They will drag you to the park, beach etc.

11. Have night terrors; even before they can talk.

12. Have food allergies, especially to dairy, sugar and processed foods.

13. Can sense evil or bad people.

14. Pick up other people’s emotions.

15. Get offended easily.

16. Can get seizures easily.

17. Get high fevers easily.

18. Use the phrase ”I know” a lot.

19. They are more creative and right brain dominant than most people; into artsy things- music, painting, beading, cooking, photography, etc.

20. Can be distracted easily.

21. Badger parents to change for the better, in terms of giving up bad habits; smoking, alcohol, poor foods, etc.

22. Get sick easily, only because their systems are more sensitive.

Not all Indigos have all of the

above listed characteristics. But it is safe to say that if most of these traits are prominent, then you are probably an Indigo.

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