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Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on August 29, 2010 at 12:20 AM

Welcome to Enlightened Indigo Child blog. We are so glad that you found us.

This forum was created for parents and kids alike, as we are here to support each other. Knowing that we are all “one", makes things easy. For my joy and good health will affect your joy and good health. This forum is for each of us to share our knowledge of joy and good health. Indigos are highly sensitive and it is important that we help each other as a collective.

We want you to know that you are very powerful and have great intuitive insights. Please remember this when things seem challenging. You are never alone, as there are enlightened forces at work supporting you….always.

You must believe in yourself, your capabilities, and know that you are here for the transformation and ascension of humanity. The universe will support you and we will support you.

Archangel Metatron is the Archangel for Indigo Children. These are his words of guidance:

  • Drink quality water. It should be Fluorine and Chlorine free. These are known toxins and will be detrimental to your health. These two chemicals will affect your mental and physical vitality. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 100lbs., then you should drink at least 50 ozs. of pure water.
  • Avoid mercury toxicity; especially from silver mercury fillings, thimerosol preservative in vaccines, mercury toxins in tuna fish.
  • Avoid fluorescent lights as it will bring on depression, anxiety and emotional compromise.
  • Clean your air
  • Dust mites. You need to eradicate them with airpurifiers, effective vacuum cleaners, remove  carpet, wash bed linens at least twice a week with a natural detergent (no chemical perfumes).
  •  Pet hair. Some animals shed more than others.You need to keep this under control by grooming pets more frequently.
  • Eat organic food whenever possible. Pesticides are neurotoxins. They will destroy your nervous system. Added hormones in meat products will unbalance your hormone system and ultimately tear down your biochemical brain balance.
  • Listen to soothing music, preferably of nature such as whale and dolphin music.
  • Keep a journal for creative expression.

We hope this is helpful to get you started on your true Indigo path. You are perfect, whole and complete. Remember this and find your way.


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Reply Norma Snell
5:27 AM on August 30, 2010 
Very interesting. There are many who say that all illness is linked to eating the wrong foods or substances such, as the preservatives in wheat which make your joints hurt. I have found that to be true myself as my issue is food. Thank you for your light! Highest blessings! :-)
Reply EnlightenedIndigoChild
9:27 PM on August 30, 2010 
Hi Norma,
Hippocrates said - "Let food be thy medicine." and he was so right.
There is NO illness that is caused by a drug deficiency. We need to eat right to feel right.. As a health care professional for 30 years, I can honestly say that those who eat quality foods, have quality health. Its just tough to do when all those twinkies, french fries and pizza are tempting us every day. I will give further insights of this in future posts.
Good health to you,
Reply Bharat
1:34 PM on September 23, 2010 
Looks like I've been following Archangel Metatron's advice for years and didn't even realize it!! :D This is great! :)

Love, Music, and laughter,