A Conversation with the Dolphins

Posted by EnlightenedIndigoChild on September 7, 2012 at 1:45 PM

With all the changes that are going on on our planet Earth, and with me being quite an ultra sensitive person, I decided to take a subway ride to the beach. The ocean, for me, is one of the quickest  and easiest ways to get grounded.I am a Pisces (the fish) and that may have something to do  with it as well.

I find that it is extremely difficult to stay grounded while living in New York City. I love my city parks, but hugging a tree can only do so much. So off to the beach I went.


I find that the best time to go to the beach is at the end of the day. There are less people and there is less sun exposure. I feel most grounded when I am at the shoreline, partially in the water.

At this location, I am able to have contact with both the sand and water elements. I like to stick my hands in the water to commune with nature. 

Just for a change in pace, instead of talking to the mermaids, (see my previous blog: ),   I spoke with the dolphins. They said they were Bottlenose Dolphins. I asked them if they had any guidance they could tell me. What a silly question!  Of course they had plenty to tell me.  Here’s the abbreviated list :

·        -Eat more sea vegetables

·        -Make sure your drinking water is from a good source

·        -Smile

They said that sea vegetables are important to eat now, especially since it is packed with B vitamins that can help handle our stress from the changing environment.

Not to mention that it will help us to detox majorly. You can have a quick read and easy recipe from my mom’s blog:


Due to the many chemicals that are put into our drinking water, the dolphins suggested looking into filters or reverse osmosis systems to purify the water more. It’s not just the fluoride. It’s other chemicals as well.

The Bottlenose Dolphins said that Smiling raises your vibrational energy, which is really important. Actually from many studies done, this is very true. I have heard that if you look into a mirror for 20 minutes a day and keep smiling and looking at yourself smiling, then your body chemistry will change in a short period of time. Eventually, all depression will disappear, and your entire disposition will change. 

Smiling Dolphin

I guess that is why dolphins always have a smile on their faces. They really are brilliant creatures.


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Reply Bharat999
1:08 PM on November 2, 2012 
Great post! I love dolphins and feel innately connected to them. Once I did a shamanic journey and had visions of me being a dolphin (past life? or maybe another planet?). I love the dolphin's messages and always appreciate hearing from them. We were kind of worried about sea vegetables because of the radiation in Japan spreading through the water, but we found a brand that grows the seaweed on the Maine Coast - hopefully a lot safer.

Hope you all are ok after Superstorm Sandy. Did you get any guidance as to the origins or cause of the storm? Is it just another energetic disturbance in the earth or something else?

As always, I love reading your posts.
Reply EnlightenedIndigoChild
7:22 PM on November 4, 2012 
It is great to hear from you. It is wonderful that you have a connection with the dolphins. I use Maine Coast Sea Vegetables brand as well. To answer your question about Superstorm Sandy, you might want to check out this movie: What in the World Are They Spraying?
Here is the url:
We finally created a Facebook group page that is for Indigos, it is called: Enlightened Indigo Child.Here is the url:
ef=ts I hope you join.
I trust all is well,
Reply Deepak Kripa
8:20 AM on May 17, 2017 
WOW! The experience you gain is ultimately unique since you will be touching and swimming along with dolphins very closely.